How Can Silk help your sleep?

In case you’ve wondered if silk can aid in getting better sleep and how your food habits can influence your sleep, and in what way Feng Shui can put your mind at ease, continue reading our blog in the next few weeks. We’ll have a selection of experts who will be providing advice on how you can lessen disruptions of your sleep cycle and help you de-stress so you can have the best night’s rest you can. This week we’re discussing the health benefits we get from our range of silk products. Whether it’s bedding, cushions or clothing for your night, there are multiple reasons to invest in silk.


Silk is always a pleasure to touch your skin, however experts have evidence that suggests it could also slow down ageing. The fabric contains a natural protein, as a well as a variety of essential amino acids. Studies have concluded that amino acids may make wrinkles appear smoother and smoother as the nervous system becomes more relaxed. Silk also contains a chemical albumen, which speeds up the skin’s metabolism, so that skin cells grow and repair. It isn’t able to absorb moisture also, which is a good thing when you apply creams and serums before getting to bed. Also, while cotton pillows may absorb some of the cream, silk pillowcases are sure that it’s absorbed as you lay down. The material is also particularly helpful for those suffering from skin condition slike eczema. Other bedding materials could cause skin irritations such as eczema overnight by causing the skin to become overheated, and thereby reducing the moisture. But silk is soft smooth and soft, and it allows your body to hold in moisture and reduce the risk of drying and irritating your skin in the night.

It’s proven that skin reacts the best to silk underwear, but it was never proven that silk causes any types of irritations on the skin.


Silk’s natural characteristics and its double-stranded fibres resemble to human hair, which explains why silk is ideal for keeping temperatures of your body cool. Silk offers a comfortable, and insulating barrier between your body and the ambient temperature that keeps you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.


Silk pillowcases provide considerable advantages to the health for your hair. Although silk does not absorb liquids, its’moisture wicking characteristics help move excess moisture and grease away to your skin. It also ensures that your hair is dry and devoid of grease after a while. The smoothness of the material will also lessen the loss of hair which can lead to possible split ends. Cotton can cause tension between the head of yours and pillow, which lead to frazzled, damaged hair. The anti-static properties of the material also prevent your hair knotting.